Friday, August 9, 2013

The Apothecary - book chat

Now that I am done with my graduate work, I am going to get back to filling out book chat forms so that I have a stash of books I can share with students.  I just finished a book this morning, so here goes!

Download my book chat on The Apothecary by Maile Maloy.

Book Title

The Apothecary

Book Author

Maile Meloy

Illustrations?  Illustrator

Ian Schoenherr


Fantasy / historical fiction

If you read a narrative (story)
Book Summary:
Janie    wanted   to help Benjamin save his father , but she was way over her head when she realized that he was involved in an international, magical scheme to stop the Soviets from testing a nuclear bomb north of Norway.  So she went ahead and helped him, discovering secrets about the world that she thought were only fantasy (things like humans turning into birds and paint that paints walls on its own).   Then she is captured, but she manages to escape – almost losing her life in the process.  In the end Benjamin’s dad gives her a potion that erases her memory, and the only recollection she has of the entire three weeks is a diary that she kept while on the adventure.
One quotation that meant something to you.  Why?

p. 25 starting with “Mr. Burrows”.  I chose this passage because it was the single act of defiance on Benjamin’s part that showed the reader immediately what kind of kid he was.  Although it almost gives the reader an inadequate impression.  Benjamin felt so passionate about NOT participating in the bomb drill because he knew from experience that a table would not save them from destruction if a real bomb hit.

If you read an expository book (informational)
What was the main subject of the book?

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What were some of the main ideas (categories) of the book?

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All books
Why did you choose to read this book?

It was a part of the Battle of the Books.

I would recommend this book to students
who like . . .

I would recommend this book to kids or adults who like fantasy and adventure.  It wasn’t completely over the top, and yet it had a good hint of science and fantasy along with some great historical stuff.  I thought it was a great balance.  I DO think, however, that a little background knowledge on the whole Soviet Union situation might be helpful, however.

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